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About Us

BWBS Education Consultants Ltd is a London based international education and career advising organisation, offering international students access to unequalled quality of standards and the flexibility to select educational institutions in fulfilling their academic as well as career aspirations. Backed by a strong knowledge and skill base, we link education industry through a worldwide network of students and education providers.

From a small consulting firm, we have constructed a history of success and unprecedented growth. Our dedication and unwavering commitment made ​​it possible to create the goodwill that we achieved. Adoption of the latest mode of communication, travelling widely from one country to another, visiting some of the world’s leading educational exhibitions and seminars, managing contacts and sustaining partnerships around the world enabled us to reach that apex of achievement.

BWBS Education Consultants is managed by its founding Directors, Mr. Bashir Ahmed and Mr. Mohammad Walid Hossain. Mr. Bashir Ahmed, through his extensive teaching experience across a wide range of UK educational institutions (including more than seven UKBA Highly Trusted Sponsor Colleges), has managed to establish close links with our partner institutions. He has processed the applications of many international students who have successfully enrolled in respected UK Universities, Public Funded Colleges and Highly Trusted Colleges. Mr. Mohammad Walid Hossain has also been working in the education consultant market for many years.

In addition, BWBS Education Consultants has also established international presence to have greater access to overseas education markets. We have partnership agreements with educational consultants based in Russia, Nigeria and Bangladesh to realise opportunities of this ever growing market as well as helping international students achieving their goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of students. Our innovative spirit inspires what we do and how we do it. Constantly striving to be better lies at the heart of what makes us different. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with our partner institutions and international students. We strive to know and understand the educational and financial background of students to provide them with only the highest quality advice and information in reaching their goals.

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What Makes Us Different

We promote our business and our partner institutions in a professional and ethical manner by offering impartial and effective counselling. In doing so, we provide complete information to students enabling them to make informed judgement. This refers to any information released by us on behalf of University or Colleges e.g. facilities, entry requirements, admissions processes, course content, fees, would be transparent and accurate.

We provide free consultancy services for students to help them selecting appropriate courses offered by their desired UK Universities and Colleges. In doing so, we closely assess and match their previous educational & professional experience and career aspirations to offer the best advice.

Prospective student applications prepared and submitted by us to our partner Universities and Colleges are complete, fully assessed and supplied with enough supporting evidence that result into fast receiving of Offer Letter and CAS. Through strong and unique relationship with our partner institutions we help students in arranging affordable price and easy instalment plans.

We offer General English courses and IELTS preparation courses through our partner institutions We also offer advice and representation for your Tier 4 visa applications by our professional and experienced associate solicitors.

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