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DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) - Business School

The UK University DBA, which is located in the Business School, is designed to raise the level of professional capabilities of practicing senior managers and executives. It does this by developing the practitioner's skills of reflective practice, by enhancing their knowledge of leading-edge areas of business, and by providing the opportunity to develop their capabilities in practice-based research by means of a major research project. During the first two phases of the course, this is achieved through online study resources, online discussions, and the support of a personal academic advisor. During the third phase of the programme of study, participants undertake a major research project that focuses on the work they are undertaking in their organisation as senior professionals, typically in change leadership roles.

Who is the UK University DBA for?

The DBA course is designed for busy senior managers and executives who want to gain new insights and perspectives into leadership and management based on critical exploration of their own evolving professional practice. It is particularly appropriate for those wishing to improve their capability to lead and manage change in an established or new organisation without having to seek time off for formal study. A key role is played in their capability enhancement by the capstone research project, which enables practitioners to improve their professional practice by undertaking rigorous research into that practice.

How is the UK University DBA studied?

You can start the DBA in September, November, January, February, March, April, June, July and you study Full-time or part-time, typically 3 to over 4 years. As for the nature of studies, the programme was specifically designed for busy professionals who are unlikely to be unable to attend a university on a regular basis while studying for their doctorate. All study is therefore undertaken by distance learning, using modern communication technologies, including: web resources, online discussion forums, email, Skype, etc. Moreover, each participant has the support of a dedicated academic advisor throughout their period of studies, in addition to drawing on tutors, a possible specialist consultant and other participants in your cohort. We do not have conventional lecture or seminar classes on campus, nor do we require attendance at residencies, summer schools, or block teaching periods. This means that there is no need for overseas students to acquire a student visa, because residence in the UK is not required for study on the programme. Of course, all programme participants are welcome to visit us on campus any time they wish, whether it is to use our extensive on-campus facilities, or to meet their academic advisors and other programme staff. The only mandatory attendance is at our Induction Day, which immediately precedes the start of the programme.

What is distinctive about the UK University DBA?

It is the professional equivalent of the academic PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), but designed specifically to support participants in undertaking practice-based research into their workplace activities. While the knowledge gained from this research is equally rigorous to the PhD, it is distinctive in that the participant is placed at the centre of their research investigation, and their findings tend to be highly applicable within their organisation.

It provides participants with the opportunity to enhance their professional capabilities at an advanced level through the study of elective modules. These capabilities will feed into, and be evaluated through, the participant's research project.

Because senior professionals have achieved a significant amount of both formal and informal learning, sometimes over many years, the DBA provides an opportunity to make a claim for academic credits against relevant prior learning. It focuses on developing participants' individual capabilities as reflective practitioners, and through this enhancing their capability for undertaking high-level, practice-based research within their own workplace.

Participants' study paths and projects are tailored to meet their individual needs and interests, and those of their organisations.

Career prospects

DBA graduates are equipped to hold several high-level positions including executive and leadership positions in business and commerce and the public sector. A doctorate provides great personal satisfaction by enabling you to take your learning to the highest recognised level.